Complete Internet R.E.M. Underground List - Part 1

0 Thru 9 and A thru K

A comprehensive list of R.E.M boots and other weird stuff.

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"12 Inch Exploration"

Millenium Music


KTS 022A

"1998 The Greatest Hits Collection"

WH 970427

"20th Century Boys - Vol. 1"

REM-92-SC - Disc I

"20th Century Boys - Vol. 2"

REM-92-SC - Disc II

"21 Checkers"

(no label)

"2nd Strike At The Bowl"

Cry For Love 1010/20


The Swingin' Pig (TSP-CD-161-1),(TSP-CD-161-2),(TSP-CD-161)

"Acoustic '87"

Alpine Records - MAC-01

"Acoustic '87"

Nu Noize - NUN 004

"Acoustic 1991"

On The Road - RSCD 1124

"Acoustic Series: Live USA 89-93"

Sinola SH69022

"Acoustic Tour 1991"

ReaLive RLCD-04


KTS 471-72

"All for One"

Polar Bear Records

"Aneurysm '95"

KTS 447/448

"Animal's Attractions"

Speedball SBC012


Borehole - MF03-X3

"Archival Footage"


"Aural Pleasure"

Moontunes 13/14

"Automatic People"

Red Devil - 005

"Automatically Live"

Kiss The Stone - KTS 141

"Back To Rockville"

Flashback - 01-95-0247

"Ballroom Dancing"

Home Records - HR6043-5

"Begin the Begin"

On Stage - CD 12033

"The Best Of REM"

Starnice SNCD-516

"The Blinding Light"

Ultimate Sound - US 42

"Black Session"

Wild Child Records WCRS-2001-001


Spliff (SPLIFF001)

"Blue - The Acoustic Concert"

Great Live Records (GLR 9106)

"Bodycount at Tyrone's"

Brigand Records (BRIG 007)

"Boreal Equinoxia"

Baby Capone (BC 039)

"R.E.M. Boston 1984"

Mistral Music (MM 9116)

"Bucketfull of Worksongs"

Rocks (92029/30)

"Buy The Sky, Sell The Sky"

Dirty 13 Vol. 7

"Byrds Fly South: Remember The Byrds"

"Caipirinha Rock"

Ultimate Sound 36

"Can't Get There From Here"

Earthworks (KAXY 002)

"Carnival Of Sorts"

Great Dane Records (GDR CD 9020)

"Carnival of Sorts"

Joker Records (JOK-017-B)


Borehole - MF01

"Chronic Murmurings"

Toasted Record Works (TRW 1905)

"Classic Traxx"

Shinola (SH 69057)

"Cologne Free Concert"

No record label or catalog number

"The Complete Unplugged Show"

Germany GEMA (RCCD 4742)

"Collection 2000"

Po Strap (?) WSM

"Complete Christmas Singles Collection"

Warner Bros (sic) CD542-2002

"Consider Life"

Not Guilty (NG270493)

"Covering 'Em"

Why Not? Italy, Backstage (BKCD057)

"Covering Them"

Post Script - PSCD-1260

"Covering Them"

Live Storm - LSCD51260


Aragon (CA 784A)

"Do The Strand"

Red Robin Records (RRR 9308)

"Do You Remember - Dead Giveaway Office"

CA (70054)


Toasted Record Works (TRW 1914)

"Don't Try This At Home"

Rain 03 9-450884 215068 (shown as UPC ???)

"Down South"

FTP (0010)

"Down Under 95"

Red Robin (ROB-1046 A/B)

"Draggin' The Line - Greatest Hits '99"

(no label / number)

"The Dream: Green World Tour"

Red Phantom (RPCD 1028)


No Label - P 910031


Cosmic Communications - LV 127 (Italian)

"Dynamic Live"

Apple House Music - 1994 (Australia / Japan)

"Early Movements"

Collectors Pleasure (COP 010)

"Eclipse The Moon Tonight"

EMCD 1198

"Espana '95"

Euro Music (EMCD0001/02)

"Essential Demos Vol. 1"


"The Essential"

Merc - Mercd 410

"Fables of REM"

REM 01

"Fan Club & Christmas Funtime"

White Zinfandel Ltd.

"Fan Club Singles Vol. 1"

Small Town - Small-2

"Fan Club Singles Vol. 2"

Small Town - Small-3

"Fan Club Singles Vol. 3"

Happy Hoedown Records HHR92/93

"File Under Kudzu"

Balboa - BPP-001

"Finest Lunchbox"

Toasted Record Works (?)

"Finest Worksongs"

FWS (8889)

"First Trip Overthere"

no label

"For Promotional Use Only"

Sounds Of The Board

"Freak Marmalade"

Kobra Records KRCD 12

"From The Borderline"

Cast - 7

"From The Borderline"

Red Phantom (RPCD 2038/2039)


Black Rose (BRR 0393) Limited Edition

"The Genesis Of Revelation"

CGN 2001

"Georgia Peaches Ripe!"

Parrot (REM-7)

"Godzilla vs. REM's Monster"

Troy TR009


WH 200297U (eastern European)


Stentor (Sten 91.036)


Living Line - LL 15447

"The Greatest Hits Collection 1998"

WH 970427

"Greatest Hits Live"

Chartbusters - CHER-049-A (Australian 1994)

"Green Dreams"



Vigotone - Three

"Greenpeace Breakthrough"

Ctepeo A 6000439 008

"The Green World Tour"

Rs Records (RS CD18)

"Hail! Hail! Rock And Roll Vol. 1"

CFC - 009

"Hail! Hail! Rock And Roll Vol. 2"

CFC 010

"Half A World Away Part One"

Mongoose Records (MONG CD007A)

"Half A World Away Part Two"

Mongoose Records (MONG CD007B)

"Harmonics in Eternity"

Rapid Eye Members (RME 1)

"Have You Heard This?"

Movement (0065)

"Heal Heal Rock N Roll"

Octopuss - OCT 104/105

"Here Be Monsters"


"Here I Am Again"

SIAE - 92EF101011

Heroes of Pop

GEMA H 88012

"Hit Collection 2000"

DJ's Club, Records LTD.

"Hitting the Note"

Backstage Records - BKCD 076

"I Feel Fine"

Dead Dog - SE-466

"In The Air (On The Air)"

Masquerad MQ019

"In The Wood"

Bugsy Records - BGS004

"In The Year 2525 - The Cover Versions"

Great Live - GLR 9109

"It's a Free World"

Save the Earth (017)

"It's REM Jim... But Not As We Know Them!"

Tarantula (TNT 006)

"It's the End of the World . . . As We Know It!!"

Kiss The Stone (KTS 005)

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