Complete Internet R.E.M. Underground List - Part 2

L thru Q

A comprehensive list of R.E.M boots and other weird stuff.

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Bandido (Ltd B006)

"Last Defenders Of The Faith"

Red Phantom - RPCD 1195

"Late At Night"


"Latex Or Oil Based?"

Bullseye Records (CD-EYE-11)

"Life's Rich Pageant & More"

Who Am I? (WAI 022)

"Listen Harder"

"Live At McCabe's Guitar Shop"


"Live at Yokohama"

Banzai (BZCD 009)

"Live In Athens 1992"

Sounds Alive (SA24.017)

"Live In Chicago"

Juke Box Records London (XL2)

"Live In Chicago"

Me Records (0100)

"Live In Chicago"

Top Deluxe - 150-302

"Live In Paris"

Dusta Disc - 2001

"Live In USA 1987"

Headliner HL CD 019

"Live Collection"

Living Legend Records (LLRCD 153)

"Live Monster"

Venus Music - VM 019

"Live Unapproved"

Mojo Records (Mojo-046)

"Live USA 1989"

International IMP 043

(Version 1)

(Version 2)

(Version 3)

"Live Vol. 1 (Unauthorised)"

Joker Productions (JOK-017-A)

"Live Vol. 1 (Unlicensed)"

(SW 71)

(Version 1)

(Version 2)

"Live Vol. 2 (Unauthorised) a.k.a. "Carnival Of Sorts""

Joker Productions (JOK-017-B)

"Live Vol. 2 (Unlicensed)"

(SW 72)

"Live Vol. 3 (Unauthorised) (a.k.a. Pilgrimage)"

Joker Productions (JOK-017-C)

"Live Vol. 3 (Unlicensed)"

(SW 73)

"Live Vol. 4 (Unauthorised)"

Joker Records (JOK-017-D)

"Living Life Backwards"


"Losing My Religion"

On Stage CD/ON 2357

"Losing My Religion Vol. 1"

Banana (Ban-042-A)

"Losing My Religion (Vol.2)"

Banana (BAN-042-B)

"Losing My Religion Vol 3 Live in USA 1989"

Banana (BAN-042-C)

"Losing My Religion Vol 4 Live in USA 1991"

Banana (BAN-042-D)

"Love And Squalor"

Howdy Records (CD 555-07)


Templar Records (TCD 28)

"Mada Mada"

Toasted Record Works TRW (1906)

"Man on the Moon"

Living Legend (LLRCD 205)

"Maps And Legends"

Mongoose Records (german) (MONG CD005)

"The Megatour"

Chrome - Ch016/107


Minotura Records 26 LTD (Italy)


Borehole - MF02-X2

"Monster At Milton Keynes"

Forbidden Fr. - FFCD 09/10

"Monster B Sides"

Q - QR7

"Monster Radio"

Moonraker 023/024

"Monster Radio '95"

Prima Donna - PD 075/076

"Monument Valley"

International Broadcast Records (IBR2275)

"MTV Unplugged 2001"

no label / catalog info.



"New Orleans"


"New Test Surprise"

the Polar Bear Records (PB-006)



"Nightswimming: Greatest Hits Live"

Living Legend - LLRCD 228

"No. 8 Demos and Outtakes"

Indian (IN02 - Japanese)

"No. Central Rain"


"Non Album Tracks"

Stipe (1)



"Not Field Recordings - Not REM"

Hispanola - HISP 032



TMQ (1917)

"Old Man Kensey"

(Hallmark - HM 004 CD)

"Old Man Kensey"

Joker Records (JOK-017-A)

"On The Air (In The Air)"

Masquerad MQ019

"Original Lives"

MTCD110 4083

"Outtakes Of Time"

Gema (R01)


Pharting Pharoah (13154)


Thunderball - TB 076/77

"Peace And Love, Anyone?"

Acme - 04

"Peasant Dreams"

TMOQ - 3790/3791

"Perfect Circle"

Pluto Records (PLR CD 9136)

"Perfect Circle"

Crocodile Beat (CB 53023)

"Philadelphia 1984"

Rarities & Few (GZCD 1010)

"Philadelphia 1984"

Live Storm (LSCD51010)


See "Live Vol. 3"

"Platinum Collection 2001"

No label or catalog info


Swindle Records (SWN SP 002)

"Poets Of The Wheat"

Beech Marten Records (BM 04912)

"The Pop Dream"

Easy Flyte Records (FLIGHT 801)

"Pop Song"


"Pop Songs '89"


"Popular Persuasion"

DGCG 049 (Luxenberg)

"Precious Rarities"

P 910086


? (?)

"Pretty Pictures"

Easy Flyte Records (FLIGHT 130)

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